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Why Aepal

Get noticed

We make you get noticed – Period. You need attention? We deliver it for you through an eye -blasting pompous motion graphic design all created within our lovely software Adobe After Effects.

True Support

Tired of people not taking you serious? Waiting too long for support? With Aepal After Effects Templates you don’t have to wait ages to receive a reply on your question. Even better, we bet you won’t even contact us with questions/issues because of the fact we deliver extensive video tutorials and help files within our products. Even if you have never opened up the Adobe After Effects software before, we got you covered ! Don’t worry tho,  we don’t judge ! Feel free to contact for anything regarding our services !

Professional & Affordable

Impossible right? Wrong. Just check our ridiculous prices and compare them with other After Effects templates websites, since the economy is in a free-fall we had to adjust our pricing to the standard people expect these days. Almost free, but not quite yet.

Free After Effects Templates !

That’s right ! We offer high quality Free After Effects Templates and Presets ready to download so you can have a little taste of our products before you spend a dime!

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“Murat @Aepal is a consummate pro, he makes indies look like big budget studios, and he does it in a fast, professional manner.”

Travis Fox

Co-founder and CCO - Raincrow Games

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